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Waste and environmental services are activities conducted to manage and reduce the impact of waste on the environment. This can include waste collection, transport, processing and disposal, as well as monitoring and reporting on compliance with applicable laws and regulations. These services can also help prevent pollution, reduce risks to public health and safety, improve air quality, protect wildlife habitats, and promote resource conservation. Waste management is an important part of any sustainable development plan because it is integral to mitigating environmental damage.


What types of materials can a waste and environmental service provider handle?

Answer: A waste and environmental service provider typically handles hazardous and non-hazardous materials, such as oil, gasoline, antifreeze, paint, hazardous chemicals, pesticides, electronic or special wastes including light bulbs, batteries or electronics.

Are there any safety precautions that should be taken when using waste and environmental services?

Answer: Yes – it is important to ensure that proper safety measures are taken when working with a waste and environmental service provider. This may include wearing protective clothing such as gloves and goggles if handling hazardous material, adhering to transportation laws for transporting dangerous goods, informing the service provider about applicable regulations for disposal at a landfill or incinerator site or recycling facility, etc.

Is there an alternative to landfills for disposing of waste?

Answer: Yes – in addition to landfills which are used to contain and bury solid waste onsite until it can be safely disposed of elsewhere, other alternatives such as incinerators which burn the waste material into ash; compost facilities which reprocess organic residuals into soil amendments; or industrial composting sites which use microorganisms to break down food scraps into useful products like compost or fertilizer can also be used.

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