Sawmills and Wood Preservation Waste Services

NAICS Code 32111

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This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) sawing dimension lumber, boards, beams, timber, poles, ties, shingles, shakes, siding, and wood chips from logs or bolts; (2) sawing round wood poles, pilings, and posts and treating them with preservatives; and (3) treating wood sawed, planed, or shaped in other establishments with creosote or other preservatives to prevent decay and to protect against fire and insects. Sawmills may plane the rough lumber that they make with a planing machine to achieve smoothness and uniformity of size.

NAICS Code 32111–Sawmills and Wood Preservation parent categories:

  1. 32–Manufacturing
  2. 321–Wood Product Manufacturing
  3. 3211–Sawmills and Wood Preservation

NAICS Code 32111–Sawmills and Wood Preservation sub-categories:

Handlers of Sawmills and Wood Preservation Waste

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