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7500 Rialto Blvd, Suite 250, Austin, TX 78735 • 877-877=2219

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GES Austin is located at 7500 Rialto Blvd, Suite 250, Austin, TX 78735.

We are GES: Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. For over 30 years, we have helped our clients balance environmental objectives with business realities. Stable leadership, consistent management, and an efficient organization are the strengths that have enabled us to uphold our values and the flexibility to adapt, diversify, and grow to serve our clients’ evolving needs. GES is a national company with projects across the entire United States. We also have operations in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Outside of US borders, GES teams work on projects in Mexico, Bermuda, and various nations of the Caribbean-Central American markets.

We reached a landmark achievement in June 2016: Three full years since our last OSHA recordable injury. We have now worked more than 15,000,000 hours at Goal Zero. This accomplishment is only made possible by a committed team that works together and looks out for each other.

Since 1985, we have maintained our character, our values, and our vision. View the message from our CEO and founder, Tony Kull, for more insight into the GES story.

To contact GES Austin, call 877-877=2219, or view more information below. Looking for more locations in Austin, TX? Scroll down to see a listing of waste locations and handlers towards the bottom of this page.

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Contact Details

Street Address

7500 Rialto Blvd
Suite 250
Austin, TX 78735
United States

Phone & Fax

P: 877-877=2219
F: 866-902-2187

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What type of waste services do most waste companies offer?

Most waste companies offer services such as garbage collection, recycling, and hazardous waste disposal. Depending on the company, they may also provide specialized services like medical waste disposal or electronic waste removal. Additionally, some companies may also offer consultation and sustainability services. It is best to check with your local waste company for a complete list of services they provide.

What happens if I need additional services?

Suppose you require additional services, such as an extra garbage pickup or special disposal for hazardous materials. In that case, it is best to contact the waste company directly to discuss options. Many waste companies are willing to accommodate special requests, but there may be additional fees associated with the extra services.

What are common types of waste facilities?

Common waste facilities include landfills, composting centers, and incineration plants. Landfills are the most common waste facility, where trash is buried and then covered with soil. Composting centers process organic materials, including food scraps, yard trimmings, and agricultural wastes, into a nutrient-rich fertilizer for the soil. Incineration plants burn solid waste such as paper, plastic, and other non-toxic materials, which can reduce the volume of trash by up to 90%. Depending on the location, some waste companies may also offer specialized services like hazardous material disposal or medical waste treatment.

Do all waste companies offer recycling?

Most waste companies offer some recycling service, although the types of materials accepted and the collection methods may vary. Many waste companies also offer a special program for electronics or hazardous materials that must be disposed of safely. It is best to check with your local waste company for more information on what types of services are available.

What is the most sustainable way to manage my waste?

The most sustainable way to manage waste is by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Reduce the waste you produce by avoiding single-use items and investing in more durable goods. Reuse items whenever possible, such as donating unwanted clothing or furniture instead of throwing them away. Finally, recycle any items that cannot be reused, such as paper and plastic. Additionally, composting organic material can help reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.