Wasatch Integrated Waste Management

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Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District landfills municipal solid waste using the best available environmental practices. Landfill gas, generated during the decomposition of organic materials in the landfill, is collected and shipped to Hill Air Force Base where the gas is converted to electricity. Wasatch Integrated’s Household Hazardous Waste Facility, located at the Davis Landfill, accepts, E-WASTE, paint, varnish, pesticides, lawn care products, aerosols, paint thinner, antifreeze, motor oil, diesel, gasoline, cleaning items, automotive products, rechargeable and lead acid batteries, etc. in household quantities. Click on the e-waste link above for important e-waste disposal information. There is no charge for drop off of household hazardous waste. The Household Hazardous Waste Facility is located at the landfill and open during landfill operating hours, Monday through Saturday. For additional information call (801) 614-5600. More Household Hazardous Waste info can be found here. The facility incorporates two solar panels and a windmill. The solar panels produce approximately 7,363 kilowatt hours of energy every year and the windmill produces approximately 4440 kilowatt hours of energy each year (with a wind speed average of 12 mph). The facility is heated using methane collected from the landfill. The facility is open during landfill hours. Picture

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