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With 25 years in the environmental, industrial and recycling industries, Petrotech Southeast, Inc. offers a unique blend of experience, equipment and facilities to provide SMARTER SOLUTIONS for you and your business. Request Service Fleet Oil Recovery Pump Trucks These specialized pump trucks are the backbone of our used oil recycling business. With separate compartments for used oil, waste water and antifreeze, these trucks support the fluid recycling needs for our automotive, construction and industrial customers. Vacuum Trucks The most advanced and flexible vehicles in the fleet, the Vacuum Trucks are capable of removing liquids, sludge, and solids such as sand, dirt and p-rock. These power vehicles are used to clean car wash pits, oil/water separators, petroleum tanks and fuel lines, and are a critical part of our emergency spill response fleet. Box Trucks Our box trucks are the utility truck of the fleet, picking up and delivering drums to our used oil customers. They are also an important part of our emergency spill response fleet. Roll-Off Trucks For jobs requiring soil and/or debris removal, the roll-off is the perfect tool. It allows us to leave “boxes” on site to be filled at the customer’s discretion. The roll-off is also the ideal vehicle to respond to hurricane and disaster clean-ups where flexibility is the key. Semi-Tanker These 6,000 gallon tankers are used to transport large volumes of waste water, oil, antifreeze and fuels. Dump Trailers Excellent tools for hurricane clean-ups, the dump trailers are used for transportation and removal of soils and debris. Stake Bed Trucks The stake-bed utility truck is used for equipment and drum transportation. Emergency Spill Response Trailers From roadside clean-ups to large industrial spills, our emergency response trailers are fully equipped to handle any spill. Jet Rodders These trailer-mounted high pressure jet rodders clean drainage pipes quickly and efficiently. Pick-up Trucks All Petrotech sales professionals have company pick-up trucks to help assist in emergency spill responses and to ensure the highest level of customer support is provided on a daily basis. Member of NORA An Association of Responsible Recyclers

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