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Farallon Consulting, L.L.C. owes its existence to leaders with a vision. Farallon co-founders Peter Jewett and Cliff Schmitt shared a common vision that is defined in the firm's mission statement and core values, which have become the basis of Farallon's continuing success. Strong relationships with clients, regulatory agencies, staff, and the communities we live and work in are a Farallon hallmark. Farallon has effectively distinguished itself from competitors by successfully integrating superior technical expertise with a detailed understanding of client business goals, regulatory/permitting hurdles, economic matters, and legal issues that are integral components of projects. Farallon's staff are regarded as the firm's most valuable resource, instrumental in the success and growth of the firm. The corporate culture promotes a strong work ethic, cultivation of lasting relationships, superior-quality work, open communication at all levels, ongoing professional development, and recognition and reward of exemplary work. Farallon's health and safety program also promotes a culture that values safe work practices and encourages an active dialogue to constantly seek ways to improve worker safety in the office and the field. The Farallon culture also reflects an emphasis on community and the environment. Each year, Farallon actively participates in a variety of local projects serving food banks, community centers, roadside improvement projects, and various charitable events. Staff are encouraged to give back to the community and initiate opportunities for firm involvement. Business practices are continuously examined for greener and more-sustainable options. Farallon staff take pride in contributing to a greener firm via participation in company recycling programs, composting efforts, biking and using public transportation, and cleanup of local roads, parks, and greenbelts. Conversion to greener lighting and more energy‑efficient electronics in the Farallon offices has reduced electric energy consumption. Paper use also has been reduced dramatically by modifying business practices and collaborating with clients on deliverables, who have welcomed the paperless trend.

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