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Bulk Storage: We rent tanks short-term as well as on a long-term basis.The facility maintains over 10 million gallons of storage. For customer products including used oils glycol or any number of products, Our tanks are ideally suited for reclaimed oils, gasoline, glycol, diesel and the like. Rail access can be arranged depending on the size and scope of the project. The facility is as well connected to the Wolverine Pipe Line. Centralized Waste Treatment: As a CWT facility we are permitted to treat various waste waters, coolant, cleaners, oils, etc. Our pre-treatment system allows us the use of heat as well as various chemicals to pull out waste oils and pollutants from the waste waters. Unlike many of our competitors, due to the size of our site our system is completely enclosed. We have a DAF, Dissolved Air Flotation system to assist us in meeting the stringent discharge limits. We maintain a discharge permit with the DWSD, Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. Solidification: As a licensed MI Act 451 part 115, Solid Waste Management facility we solidify a range of waste materials. We process sludges, slurries, greases, car wash solids and the like on a daily basis. We receive material in bulk as well as drums. Additionally we provide the following services Analysis, Consulting, Non-Hazardous Waste Management, Pit Cleaning, Transportation, Petroleum Recovery

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