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CRG Texas Environmental Services, Inc. is an Environmental Consultant firm specializing in the environmental and ecological services, compliance, due diligence, assessment, corrective action, and regulatory agency reporting. We are a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) licensed Corrective Action Specialist (RCAS) with Corrective Action Project Managers (CAPM) on staff, TCEQ B Licensed Petroleum Storage Tank Contractor, and the Texas Board of Professional Geo-scientists registered Geo-Science Firm. We understand that protecting our Environmental Resources is everyone’s responsibility — Industry, Government, and the Public. CRG Texas Environmental Services combined team of experienced professionals and the ability to mobilize the necessary materials and equipment stand ready to address your Environmental Solution needs. We also stay abreast of the latest technology, software, environmental equipment, and ever changing Federal, State, and Local regulations and tools needed to serve our customers and their specific projects in the areas of consulting, assessment, corrective action, and regulatory agency reporting. Our clients recognize CRG Texas Environmental Services as a dependable, expert, and honest company that delivers high quality services, consistently providing effective and innovative solutions to their environmental and ecological service’s needs. Our clients include: Engineering, environmental consultants, ecological consultants, industrial and manufacturing, oil & gas, private lenders, investment bankers, investors and developers, commercial brokers and realtors and Federal, State, County, and Municipal government. When it comes to safety, efficiency, and effectiveness, CRG Texas Environmental Services delivers high quality, responsive and honest services consistently on every project. We improve what our clients do by continually improving what we do! Vision We will provide unique services on every job in a safe and timely manner delivering consistent quality that exceeds our client’s expectations. We believe that when the company and our staff grow together, then we can keep our client’s satisfaction to develop and foster long term relationships and maintain a good reputation. We continually strive to make our organization the best workplace, where each individual will grow personally and professionally and will feel commitment to grow within our organization. CRG Texas Environmental Services looks forward to creating opportunities to teams on projects, working with consultants and our clients as an asset to them. We will always think about how we can give back to our community and support their needs. We will keep our vision focused every day to be recognized as a leader in the industry while “Caring for Our Environment’s Future” locally as well as in city, state, and federal needs. Values CRG Texas Environmental Services will care for the environmental future providing services based on our values of Excellence, Integrity, and Responsibility. CRG is Responsive Here at CRG Texas Environmental Services, we pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients. Whether it be promptly returning client phone calls/e-mails, meeting project schedules and deadlines or providing quick response services, we always stand ready for our clients. For example, one of our clients recently experienced an immediate need for quick response spill services. Within hours after receiving the call, a team of CRG Texas experts was onsite assisting the client in all aspects of the spill response effort. CRG is Innovative In all of our projects, we strive to develop an innovative approach for clients using proven technologies with the business needs of the client to establish sustainable solutions to everyday and complex problems or site conditions. CRG is Client Focused As evident in our mission statement, we are committed to developing a long-term partnership with all of our clients. We work with our clients to determine their internal goals and objectives and utilize these as a guideline for developing solutions to their problems. We believe it is possible to not only design a solution that meets the requirements of local, state and federal government, but also meets the needs of the client. All, in all, our clients are our first priority. CRG is Results Driven Recognizing the importance of getting the job done, we are continuously focused on achieving an environmentally-acceptable solution that meets the needs of our clients. We have years of experience in successfully assisting clients in obtaining closure as well as achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. We are focused on achieving results for all of our clients. We believe our dedication to the principles of our mission statement as well as our promise of responsiveness, innovation, client-focused and results-driven solutions is what makes CRG Texas Environmental Services different and better than any of our competitors.

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