Coastal Refining Corp.

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Coastal Refining Corporation's facility was designed and built according to the most modern standards in the industry. The location selected and used had no other use before and was owned by one of the officers of the corporation. The total storage area and processing plant are located on concrete and in a diked enclosure. CRC continues to upgrade it's facility in order to remain in compliance with all new rules and regulations pertinent to this industry. Used oil customers always receive a manifest upon collection of their used oils. This manifest contains CRC's EPA Identification number, all necessary information concerning the recovery of their oils and allows the customer to build a record of proper disposal of waste oils for their company. Oils bought and collected by CRC are all non-hazardous and are proven so by testing done on-site; in-house by CRC's lab and by outside laboratiories. These oils are from various waste streams including automotive crankcase and transmission fluids, locomotive engine oils, and waste fuels, oil canning plant waste, and virgin oils (#6 and #2 fuels). Products produced at CRC are marketed as an on-spec fuel and is sold only to industrial furnaces and/or industrial boilers which operate under state, federal and local permits to do so. These fuels are totally consumed by incineration and pose no further environmental concerns. CRC is a privately held corporation that operates under two solid waste permits, issued by the Georgia E.P.D. under ID#038-921-136. Coastal Refining Corporation also represents major industries, many of which perform annual environmental audits of our facility.

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