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AR Recycling, LLC was founded with humble beginnings with a goal to reform the recycling industry with an experienced staff in the recycling industry, whether it be Plastics, Metals, Paper or Commodities. We are dedicated towards a global effort in making recycling a part of our daily life. Over the past several years, our team has traveled extensively and established strong relationships with end consumers, processors, traders and producers in various provinces across the globe. We continually strive to keep expanding our network in different regions to provide better integration and exposure to our clients. Our goal is to provide suitable ways to discard the daily metals, plastic and paper waste produced not only by big industries but also the ones produced from our day to day life. With physical presence not only in North America but in Asia, Central and South America as well, we can provide a good exposure to the industry that relies heavily on global trade. You can count on AR Recycling, LLC when it comes to recycling, whether it be Metals, Plastics, Paper or Commodities. We provide personalized service for all your recycling needs. All of our products are as per industry standards and we comply with new regulations to ensure that we offer not only better service, but also better product.

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