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As one of the highest rated Environmental Service organizations in the United States, Aaron Oil aims for the thorough and responsible handling of petroleum waste. Our exceptional standards make us the leader in our industry, and the only company certified with both ISO and OHSAS certifications. Our extensive list of services encompasses a vast territory of oil collection, recycling, and proper disposal. Aaron Oil is permitted to transport, treat and dispose of all oily wastewater, antifreeze, coolants and other specific wastewater sources listed in our SID permit. All of the antifreeze, coolants, and other approved wastewater we manage for our customers are carefully monitored and treated in compliance with the new CWT water discharge requirements and State Indirect Discharge permits. All antifreeze and coolants meeting content requirements for recycling are recycled. Our company uses a third-party laboratory to perform all testing on the treated water and non-recyclable antifreeze and coolants discharged under our SID permit. Member of NORA An Association of Responsible Recyclers

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